Duels! Witchcraft! Missing treasure! Murder! Mass hysteria! Fans of fast-paced historical fiction will love The Hangman's Daughter by Oliver Pötzsch. Set in 1689, it is the story of the author's own ancestors, a famous Bavarian executioner clan. It's pure literary entertainment, all rooted in real history.

Here's what our reviewer had to say:

While the book is called The Hangman’s Daughter, the character who seems to interest author Oliver Pötzsch the most is the hangman himself, Jakob Kuisl. A hulking creature who is ambivalent about his career as a state-approved murderer, the hangman proves to be smarter, faster, stronger, more sensitive, more decisive and (against all odds) the best doctor in town. Despite these remarkable credentials, he is also an outcast: lowly, disrespected and considered a sign of bad luck.

Jakob must discover the truth about a series of orphans' murders before his world erupts into chaos. With the help of his clever daughter, Magdelena, and Simon, the educated son of the town’s doctor, Jakob reveals the evil lurking in their little German town.

Check out the trailer:

The Hangman's Daughter is out now. Will you be grabbing a copy for yourself?

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