Out of Oz by Gregory Maguire
Morrow • $26.99 • ISBN 9780060548940
On sale November 1, 2011

I'm not sure that the conclusion of the Wicked Years series needs much of an introduction. It's been several years since Gregory Maguire's Wicked took readers (and then Broadway!) by storm, but even 6 million plus copies in print hasn't satisfied readers' appetites for tales of the wicked witch that wasn't and her descendants.

In Out of Oz, Dorothy Gale makes an extended appearance when an invasion of Munchkinland threatens. Here are the opening lines of the book.

It would take Dorothy Gale and her relatives three days to reach the mountains by train from Kansas, the conductor told them.
No matter what the schoolteacher had said about Galileo, Copernicus and those other spoilsports, any cockamamie theory that the world was round remained refuted by the geometrical instrument of a rattling train applied to the spare facts of a prairie. Dorothy watched eagles and hawks careering too high to cast shadows, she watched the returning larks and bluebirds, and she wondered what they knew about the shape of the world and if they would ever tell her.

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