redmoonIn Benjamin Percy's Red Moon, the Lycan Republic is under American occupation, and all Lycans are required to suppress their instincts with Lupex, a drug that prevents the werewolf transformation process. The Lycans are our friends and neighbors, but when terrorist attacks occur, the guilty and innocent alike are targeted and rounded up. Claire Forrester is a Lycan on the run after seeing her parents murdered; Patrick Gamble is the sole survivor of a plane attack. The once peaceful coexistence is no more and with only weeks until the next full moon, no one knows what is waiting on the other side.

Bringing werewolves back into horror, Benjamin Percy has written a literary thriller with a complex world. More than a love story, Red Moon combines warfare and politics to create a story like none other. Watch the book trailer below by Hodder Books for a further look into Red Moon.

What do you think? Will you be reading Red Moon this summer?

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