Austenland_2With the film version of Shannon Hale's 2007 novel Austenland now in wide release, fans of Austen pastiches and homages may wonder what's next.

No worries; as we've noted before the steady stream of adaptations shows no sign of slowing down. Here's a look ahead at some of the more notable titles soon to hit shelves:

longbourneLongbourn by Jo Baker (Knopf, October). In her story of the Bennet servants, British novelist Baker has succeeded in creating a world that stands on its own, even as it builds on the "Austenverse" that fans have come to know and love. (read more)

senseandsensibilitySense & Sensibility by Joanna Trollope (Harper, November). The best-selling British author takes on the task of modernizing this Austen classic, which finds Elinor, Marianne and Margaret disinherited not for being female, but because their carefree mother didn't marry their father. The book is reported to be first in a series of "reimagined" Austen novels commissioned by HarperUK publishing director Louisa Joyner, although no other book/author matches have been announced.

dearmrknightleyDear Mr. Knightley by Katherine Reay (Thomas Nelson, November). This debut novel is told in epistolary format by a young woman who has recently aged out of foster care. Sam gets a scholarship to journalism school, provided she sends written updates to her benefactor, whom she knows only as "Mr. Knightley."

pursuitofmissmaryThe Pursuit of Miss Mary Bennet by Pamela Mingle (Morrow, December). Perhaps the most conventionally adapted of the novels, this continuation of Pride and Prejudice puts the most difficult Bennet sister, Mary, in the spotlight. Will she find love with quiet widower Henry Walsh? How are the married Bennet sisters faring with their husbands? Following in the footsteps of authors like Joan Aiken and P.D. James, Mingle answers these questions and more.

What's your favorite Austen homage? Have you seen Austenland yet?

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