fangirlRainbow Rowell's new YA book, Fangirl, follows 18-year-old Cath Avery—a socially anxious, yet quick-witted college freshman who just happens to moonlight as an Internet-famous fan fiction writer.

Cath struggles to find the balance between devoting her attention to the real world—her family, college classes, living on her own (and separate from her party-girl twin sister, Wren), an unexpected romance and finding that elusive campus cafeteria—and disappearing into the comforting, fictional world of her own stories.

Though some of the premise may sound familiar, readers shouldn’t be too hasty to write this off as a typical coming-of-age story. Rowell’s characters are written with the utmost care and are imbued with refreshingly realistic qualities. Cath is quirky and lovable while also being frustratingly stand-offish, and Levi, Cath’s sweet and charming crush, has a receding hairline instead of leading-man looks.

Fangirl is a relatable, yet original take on that first year of bumbling adult independence that fanfic fanatics will especially enjoy.

Check out the book trailer for Fangirl:

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