alexPierre Lemaitre’s American debut novel, Alex, is a dark and arresting crime thriller with a classic noir edge. The story sets off with a jolt when Alex Prévost is abducted near her apartment in Paris. She is then transported to a deserted, rat-infested warehouse and inhumanely trapped inside a wooden crate that hangs six feet above the floor. A quick-thinking, yet haunted police investigator, Camille Verhoeven, is assigned to the case, but he doesn’t have much information to work with. He barely even has a full witness account of the kidnapping. Alex’s tormentor is determined to watch her die, but as the clock ticks away, Camille becomes committed to finding her in time, especially as stranger and stranger clues come to light.

The number of twists and turns in Lemaitre’s novel is incredible. As the pages turn, the question is raised: Is Alex truly a damsel in distress—or a femme fatale?

Watch the action-packed trailer below:

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