Sailing to Alluvium by John Pritchard
NewSouth Books • $27.95 • ISBN 9781588382696
Published November 2013


Southern novelist John Pritchard returns this month with the third installment in his Delta-set Junior Ray Saga, following 2008's Yazoo Blues. This time out, Junior Ray Loveblood (with his sidekick Voyd Mudd) is tracking an unlikely group of murderers: The Aunty Belles, a secret-but-deadly organization of otherwise prim and proper Southern ladies.

Pritchard's distinctive vernacular writing style is on full display in Sailing to Alluvium, and Junior Ray and Voyd haven't reined in their gleeful vulgarity. Check out this excerpt for a taste:

I wouldna never thought for a minute nothin like what I'm about to pass on to you could ever have happened. On the other hand, I am not surprised by none of it. And when people ast me when all this I'mo tell you about went on . . . I just say it's all more like up-around now than it was, but it was before the time I talked my first book. In other words I had not yet become a R-thur.

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