purgatoryThis month, Irish novelist Ken Bruen is back with Purgatory, a new novel in his uniquely written Jack Taylor series. Taylor, a former Galway cop with an impressive laundry list of vices, catches the attention of a serial killer known simply as "C 33." This new adversary poses a hefty challenge to Taylor's detective skills as well as his new found, fragile sobriety.

In a 7 questions interview with Bruen, we talked about classic noir films, classic albums and more.

Read an excerpt from Bruen's Purgatory below:

My name on a deep blue envelope, almost the color of a Guard’s tunic. Inside
A photo of a young man, on a skateboard, high in the air, looking like an eagle against the sky. Then a piece from The Galway Advertiser which read

…verdict due on January 10th in vicious rape case. Tim Rourke, accused in the brutal rape and battery of two young girls, is due in court for the verdict. Controversy has surrounded the case since it was revealed the Guards had not followed procedure in obtaining the evidence.

There was more, about this being the latest high-profile case likely to be thrown out over some technicality. And still
The bankers
Continued to fuck us over every way they could.
A single piece of notepaper had this printed on it

"You want to take this one? Your turn, Jack.

Read the entire 7 questions interview to learn more about Purgatory.

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