• Did you know that in 1864, Lewis Carroll presented to Alice Liddell a hand-written, hand-illustrated edition of the famous book she inspired? Open Culture posted a preview of the original manuscript of the book (right), but you can also find the entire manuscript on the British Library's site. 


• If you're a fan of anything-and-everything Brontë, you're going to love The Toast's list of 15 ways to tell if you're in a Brontë novel


• You have got to check out this amazing 200-year-old book from the University of Iowa's archive. Hint: It features an animated (yes, animated!) illustration. 


• According to an article in Entertainment Weekly, Gillian Flynn has changed the ending of Gone Girl in her screenplay adpatation. Do you think this is a good idea or bad? Do you have any guesses as to what the new ending might be?


• Mental Floss shadowed beloved (and super-multitasker) author John Green and offered up A Day in the Life of John Green


• And the folks at Book Riot posted some adorable DIY bookmarks for crafty readers (left) and a bunch of book-themed phone cases that'll put you out only 15 bucks! 

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