Alex Myers cleverly blends his own family history with fiction in his unique debut novel, Revolutionary. We meet Deborah Samson Gannett, Myers' own ancestor, during the American Revolution in 1782. When the 22-year-old servant can no longer bear her oppressive life in Colonial Massachusetts, she makes her break for independence. Disguising herself as "Robert Shurtliff," the tall and strong Gannett joins the Continental Army.

Myers' own experience in coming out as transgender makes Deborah's internal struggle over her newly adopted identity and fears of rejection incredibly palpable. In a special column written for BookPage, Myers explains his writing process:

  I wanted to let her character emerge fully, without bearing the imprint of my own. Yet, so often as I wrote, I thought—she would have worried about using the bathroom . . . she would have glowed when someone called her “young man”. . . just like me. There were many times when I felt that point of contact through the page.

Watch this video with author Alex Myers to learn more about the book:

What do you think, readers? Are you interested picking up this historical novel?

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