Jill Sorenson's Badlands is our January Top Pick in Romance! Single mother Penny Sandoval is doing all she can to stay cool and collected during her father’s hectic presidential campaign, but things take a dark turn when Penny, her 5-year-old son, Cruz, and their bodyguard, Owen Jackson are abducted at a political event. After being taken to the middle of the California desert, Penny discovers that their ruthless captor is actually Owen's estranged older brother. Owen becomes determined to save Penny and Cruz, even if his family reputation has dashed his hopes for winning Penny's love.

We caught up with Jill Sorenson in a 7 questions interview and asked her what she loves most about Owen and Penny's relationship in Badlands:

One of my readers said this: “She was the ‘gentle’ he needed in his life; he was the strength she needed in hers.” That quote sums it up pretty well! Another reader called Badlands a feminist book because of “its depiction of vulnerability and kindness as positive—yet threatened—aspects of masculinity.” I love that Owen will kill for Penny and her son, but his physical strength doesn’t make him cold or infallible.

Check out the full 7 questions interview with Jill Sorenson, where we she dishes about her recent travels, the sexiest scene in Badlands and more!

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