Carla Buckley, author of Invisible and The Things That Keep Us Here, has returned with a thought-provoking new novel (out today!), The Deepest Secret. Eve Lattimore's utmost devotion to her family—and especially to her fragile son Tyler—is tested when she finds herself in the middle of a car accident that results in horrific consequences. The ripples from Eve's actions spread quickly, and the suspense builds in tandem, resulting in an unexpected, well-crafted climax.

Buckley kindly agreed to answer some questions about the book. Here's a preview from the Q&A:

Your stories often center on family conflicts and dynamics. What is it about this subject that interests you?
I guess the easy answer is that I came from a dysfunctional family and that I’m still working through the lessons of my childhood, but I’ve come to believe that we all come from dysfunction in one way or another! I think the reason I’m drawn to talk about family dynamics is because it’s the universal language we all speak: We all have families and our roles within them shape us into the people we become. It seems a particularly fraught and vulnerable process. What if you make a mistake—can you ever undo the damage? What if you’re faced with a terrible dilemma—will you make the right choice? Can you forgive yourself if you don’t? I hope my readers recognize themselves in my characters and ask themselves what they would do if faced with the same issues. [continue reading this interview . . .]

For more on Buckley's inspiration for the book, over-protective mothers, happy endings and her next project, read the full interview here.

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