Sylvia Day is having a good . . . well, day. St. Martin's Press just snatched up publishing rights for her next two books for an astounding eight-figure advance. (That's at least $10 million, folks!)

Although she's written more than 20 novels, it was the 2012 publication of Bared to You—the first book in her Crossfire series—that really caught on with readers who were hungry for erotic fiction after devouring Fifty Shades of Grey. The Crossfire series has sold a whopping 13 million copies, been translated into several languages and been optioned for a TV series—all over the course of only a year and a half. 

According to an article in the New York Times, the two books in the St. Martin's deal will launch a new series called Blacklist, which will focus on the relationship—the ups and downs—of a young couple, both university students, living in Manhattan. The first, as-of-yet-untitled book in the series is set to come out in 2015. And there's still more Crossfire books to come, as well. 

Stay tuned. We'll keep you posted on book titles and release dates. But what do you think? Are you intrigued by the premise of the Blacklist books, and are you looking forward to reading more Crossfire books? 

(Author photo: PRNewsFoto/Sylvia Day, LLC)

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