According to British author Louise Doughty, there comes a point in each woman's life where she finds herself wondering, "What's it all about?" The infamous mid-life crisis is exactly what her latest novel, Apple Tree Yard grapples with.

Accomplished geneticist Yvonne Carmichael meets an alluring stranger in a corridor and begins a sudden affair. But this one attempt to shake up her domestic life evolves into a much broader set of choices with increasingly tumultuous consequences.

Our reviewer, Amy Scribner appreciates how Doughty "perfectly captures the quiet details of domestic life, the erotic charge of a high-stakes affair [and] the crackling drama of a courtroom," while also boldly challenging the way we think about fate.

Watch Doughty play the heck out of a piano and describe the details of her novel, now available in the U.S. for the first time.

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