I'm not sure I've ever seen a title that explains the plot of a novel so clearly. Either you're interested in this one, or you're not, but you probably don't even have to read the back cover blurb to decide.

Performance artist Scott Wichmann's debut novel stars—who else?—two performance artists who pull off a desperate act to save their failing careers. Hank and Larry have been entertaining crowds in San Francisco for the last few years, but dwindling finances force them to trade their creative lifestyles for 9-to-5 gigs working for billionaire CEO Bill Hunstler. They're miserable, until they decide to kidnap Bill and make him part of their act.

Building a cage that doubles as a stage for a captive performer who's looking to escape is no trivial matter. 

Want more? The book comes out on April 10. Until then, check out the author's website

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