Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk cover​The fuss and bother about the Super Bowl is impossible to ignore, even for non-NFL fans and dedicated readers like myself. If you're looking for reading that is in the spirit of the event, or simply something you can read beween commercial breaks without too much shame (hey, it's about football!), might I recommend Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk? This hilarious first novel is set in 2004, at the height of the Iraq War, and finds a troop of war heroes teaming up with the Dallas Cowboys for one surreal 24-hour period.

As we say in our review:

Ben Fountain’s sly, raucous, occasionally bawdy first novel . . . recounts the wildly improbable Thanksgiving Day that eight members of Bravo squad, including Texas native Specialist Billy Lynn, spend as guests of the Dallas Cowboys. Fountain employs his ample satiric gifts to depict how flag-waving patriotism merges with our worship of professional football in a single manic event.

Fountain happened upon the premise for the novel after seeing a halftime show at a Cowboys’ game in 2004, when Destiny’s Child actually performed alongside soldiers. In an Q&A, he told us 

"I thought it was the nuttiest thing I’d ever seen, but maybe that was because I’d had a couple of martinis. Or maybe the martinis had peeled the scales from my eyes and I was seeing the show for what it was, this surreal blowup of pop music, softcore porn choreography, five or six marching bands, a hundred or so flag girls, a company’s worth of ROTCs, a U.S. Army drill team doing close-order drill—and flags, lots and lots and lots of American flags."

Want to read more? Check out the full interview with Ben Fountain here. 

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