Kids These Days by Drew Perry
Algonquin • $14.95 • ISBN 9781616201715
Published January 14

Kids these Days cover

Like many parents these days, Walter and Alice wanted to pick the perfect moment to have their first child. They'd be homeowners, established in their careers, ready to pay for private schools and SAT tutors. But instead, Alice's first pregnancy is ushered in just as Walter is ushered out of his job and the couple is forced to turn to Alice's family for help. They move 500 miles south to Florida, into the condo of Alice's deceased aunt and into the crazy world of her somewhat shady brother, Mid, who offers Walter a job. A series of comical capers follow, set against a zany Florida backdrop that should appeal to fans of Carl Hiaasen or Tim Dorsey.

"We have to bring them something," Alice said. We were riding up A1A [on the way to Alice's brother's house], the only real road on the island. She had the shoulder part of the seat belt hooked behind her, convinced that if we rear-ended an ice-cream truck, the baby would be safer without it. 

"Like what?"

"Flowers? Or a plant?"

We came up on a guy selling shrimp out of a cooler by the side of the road. The sign hanging off his tent said FRESH, LOCAL. I put the blinker on.

"No," she said. "Please, no."

"Why not?"

"Because we can't show up with something we have to cook. Or peel. Also, you'd eat shrimp you bought from some random stranger?"

"I think that's how it goes every time I eat shrimp."

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