Author and practicing anesthesiologist Carol Cassella's new medical mystery, Gemini, is hitting shelves today.

An unidentified Jane Doe winds up in a Seattle hospital as the presumed victim of a nasty hit and run in rural Washington. Soon, she slips into a coma on the operating table, and Dr. Charlotte Reese battles to keep her alive while police race to track and identify the driver at fault. Cassella's characters grapple with medicine and morality—is life and family about more than just DNA? Is Charlotte's patient still in her broken, failing body somehwere, or is her conciousness truly lost? Who will make decisions on the unknown patient's behalf in lieu of any known family?

Learn more as Cassella lays out the details in this trailer from Simon and Schuster below:

What do you think, readers? Will you pick up a copy of Gemini?

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