Giant anacondas, jaguars, swaths of ancient, imposing trees and wild rivers color the Amazonian landscape that author Paul Rosolie explores in his new book, Mother of God

Part travelogue, part plea for conservation, Rosolie's story is pulsing with a love of adventure and discovery along with a contagious love of place.

Rosalie continually asserts that the encroachment of civilization and industry into the jungle are regrettable: “What is it about our species," Rosalie wonders, "that allows us to watch sitcoms and argue over sports while cultures and creatures and those things meek and green and good are chopped, shot, and burned from the world for a buck?”

There certainly isn't an easy answer, but Rosolie's book makes a strong case for protecting the wild places we have left.

Watch the trailer below to get a glimpse at the incredible landscape of the western Amazon:


What do you think, readers? Are you interested in reading Mother of God?

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