Voting is officially open for the 2014 Children's Choice Book Awards! Be sure to vote for your favorite books before the deadline of May 12, and then tune into the live video webcast of the awards ceremony on May 14. Which books do you want to win? 

• The assignation of a sentence as one of the "best" is subjective, of course, but because there are so many of them in the world of literature, it's always fun when folks round some up, as in these 10 gems selected by the editors of the American Scholar. Do you have a favorite literary line? (The one most fresh in my mind is from War and Peace: “From the study, like pistol shots, came the repeated sound of the old Prince furiously blowing his nose.” The perpetually cranky prince has just said a stoic goodbye to his son, who's heading off to war. I love Tolstoy's indirect revelation that a tender-hearted sentimentality lies beneath the prince's gruff exterior.)

• Check out this HuffPost list of 21 female literary characters—from Elizabeth Bennet to Daenerys Targaryenand what it says about you if you have a crush on one—or more!—of them. 

• Speaking of which, Mental Floss compiled a list of 10 infamous literary characters who were actually based on real people

• In movie news, it looks like Mitch Albom's best-selling novel The First Phone Call from Heaven will be heading to a big screen near you.


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