Sally Green recently kicked off her much-anticipated Half Life trilogy with the release of her first YA novel, Half Bad. Green weaves a paranormal world of do-gooder White Witches and evil Black Witches into her setting of a modern-day United Kingdom.

Sixteen-year-old Nathan Byrn is seen as "an abomination, a Half Code" thanks to, you guessed it, his White Witch mother and Black Witch father. After Nathan's mother takes her own life out of shame for her role in the affair, he is forced to struggle for freedom from his cruel father, Marcus, and from the regulatory hand of the Council of White Witches. 

Murky alliances, questionable methods employed by the self-proclaimed good guys of the Council and a cliffhanger ending make this an absorbing read that's sure to lure fans of strong YA series.

Get introduced to Nathan in the darkly cinematic trailer from Penguin Young Readers below:

What do you think, readers? Does this sound like a book for you?

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