Best-selling author Gena Showalter's Burning Dawn, the third installment in her wildly popular Angels of the Dark series—out today!—dishes up a sizzling tale that's sure to enthrall fans of paranormal romance.

Thane, a Sent One (an immortal winged warrior and demon slayer) has been enslaved by a Phoenix princess. After his escape is facilitated by Elin, who is half human and half Phoenix, sparks fly between the unlikely pair. But, of course, danger threatens to thwart their budding relationship. In this guest post, Showalter offers insight into her hero and heroine.    

I’m often asked what inspires my stories. The answers are as different as the books themselves. I knew the hero of Burning Dawn before I sat down to draft the tale. He appears in two other Angels of the Dark books (Wicked Nights and Beauty Awakened) where readers are given a mere glimpse of his tragic history. He is an immortal warrior who has endured the worst kind of torture: mental torture. Imprisoned for years by demons, his agony was never physical. He resented that fact. Still does. The physical is what he wanted—his way to experience the pain his closest friends were dealt day after day, right before his eyes. He escaped what they did not. He continuously drowns in guilt. The desire for pain eats at him. So does the denial of it.

Once, his days were simple. He fought and killed demons. Rinse and repeat. He lived for it, had no other goals. He was happy. Or thought that he was.

It has always awed me, how quickly life can change. In one of my other books, I wrote this passage: “A blink, a breath, a second and everything I knew and loved was gone.” It’s a theme I’ve explored often, a theme I’ll continue to explore. To me, it’s a slice of real life. And it’s certainly true of Thane’s life at the very moment he meets Elin. He finds this more agonizing than anything else he’s ever endured. And it changes everything for him.

Elin is light in a very dark world.

Some people function better in the dark. Thane is one of them. In the light, all the creepy crawlers hidden inside his mind are revealed. He is forced to deal with harsh truths. About his past—his future. Love, hate. Who he has become. To Thane, Elin is just another form of mental torture—but as powerful as he is, he cannot find the strength to walk away from her.

Thane might be the most damaged character I’ve ever written. He thinks he wants a warrior woman, someone cold, who has a desire to give and receive pain. A mirror of himself, like calling to like. Elin is kind, witty, sexy, fun—and she wants nothing to do with pain.

How can two seeming opposites make a relationship work?

I adored writing this book. It was a joy to watch Thane and Elin fight their attraction to each other, to play, to argue, to learn about each other…and only crave more. Their connection sizzles. Their awareness constantly intensifies. Thane’s obsession with her grows. Her need for him magnifies. She teaches him to laugh. A miracle. He gives her what she’s never had: acceptance. I shiver every time I think of these two together. They have become my favorite couple—a true happily ever after. I hope you’ll give Burning Dawn a read and fall in love with Thane and Elin as deeply as I have.

Thanks, Gena! What do you think, readers? Will you be checking out Burning Dawn? 

(Author photo by Kim Haynes Photos)

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