• The HuffPost offered up a list of 13 kickass literary power couples, including Zadie Smith & Nick Laird and Joan Didion & John Gregory Dunne (below). Who's missing from the list? 

• "Mad Men" returns this weekend. Which of these books do you want to see Don Draper (or other characters) reading on the iconic show's final season? 

• Pop quiz time! Don't panic—it's a fun pop quiz. Check the books you've read on BuzzFeed's list to find out just how scandalous your reading taste skews. 

• Did you know that Shakespeare's 450th (!) birthday is coming up this month? Perhaps you didn't know that there are several online Shakespeare courses that you can take—for free! 

• Since you were such good sports about the quiz, how about a super-cute game called How to Be a Writer

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