• In case you missed it, last Friday was Arbor Day. HuffPost compiled a list of 9 of the best trees in literature—yes, you read that correctly—including that familiar green fella pictured to the right.  

• Summer's right around the corner, and if your vacation plans are still up in the air, perhaps Book Patrol's What to Read Where travel guide will inspire you to settle on your destination—and your summer reading pick.

• Did you know that Moby-Dick, A Thousand Acres and Brave New World were all inspired by Shakespeare plays? Check out the Guardian's list of 10 novels inspired by the Bard's works

• Have you read our review of The Big Tiny: A Build-It-Myself Memoir? The just-published book by Dee Williams details her adventure of downsizing from a three-bedroom house to a super-tiny, 84-square-foot abode that she built herself. Check out some pics of just how tiny (and adorable) the house is over on Curbed

• What would you do to win tickets to Vulture's advance screening of The Fault in Our Stars? These superfans—and ticket-holders—show what it takes

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