Author Justin Go is winning high praise for his "ambitious, sprawling and compelling debut novel," The Steady Running of the Hour.

The adventure begins as Tristan Campbell, young postgrad in California, receives a letter from an English law firm suggesting that he may be next in line to inherit millions. The original beneficiary disappeared in 1924, and now it's up to Tristan to find some solid evidence linking him to this beneficiary—his possible great-grandmother Imogen Soames-Andersson.

Armchair travelers will delight in the fast-paced action as it swings from America to England, France, Sweden, Germany, Iceland and even into the Himalayas, while the time period alternates between the present and pre-WWI England.

With plenty of mystery, romance, adventure and race-against-time excitement, The Steady Running of the Hour has plenty of charm and appeal. Watch as Go breaks down his novel's epic quest in the trailer below:

What do you think, readers? Is this unique debut going on your TBR list?

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