Although spring officially arrived more than a month ago, it seemed like winter was threatening to drag on forever around here. But, after a month of April showers and some warm, short-sleeve days, suddenly it's green everywhere you look! The trees, especially, have sprouted and bloomed, with leaves unfurling to become lush canopies that will surely be appreciated in a couple months' time.

To celebrate the very-welcome arrival of spring, we're paying tribute to our favorite perennials: trees. We've scoured the pages of Etsy to bring you these 10 vintage books about them. The best part? Since they're on Etsy, they can be yours with just a few clicks. Below the classic gems, you'll find three of our more recent favorites. Enjoy!

Plus here are three of our more recent favorites:

My favorite childhood tree books are Miss Suzy and The Berenstain Bears and the Spooky Old Tree. Share yours in the comments below!

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