Megan Jean Sovern creates an unforgettable, complex and endlessly lovable character in the midst of her "tween" years in her debut novel, The Meaning of Maggie.

It's 1988, and Maggie Mayfield can't wait to start the sixth grade. Determined to become president, Maggie happily throws herself into her schoolwork and lives by her family's belief in hard work and self-reliance. While Maggie grapples with the usual trials of adolescence—she develops her first crush on a Neil-Young super-fan named Clyde, bickers with her older sisters and tries to make sense of the social hierarchy at school—she is also faced with her father's Multiple Sclerosis. As his symptoms worsen, we feel Maggie's fear and confusion grow while she searches for answers in medical encyclopedias, but her most mature realizations come from seeing her family pull together when his prognosis looks worst.

Maggie's snark, loyalty and her outspoken love of snacks and all things sweet and sugary make her a charming protagonist, and honest, poignant Middle Grade novels like Sovern's should be treasured.

Watch the artful trailer below and look for the fun retro details:

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