Private Eye JulyPrivate Eye July has officially begun! There are so many excellent new mysteries and thrillers out this year, but which one's right for you? For the discerning crime fiction fan, we present a helpful reading guide to keep you nose-deep in excellent mysteries all month long:

For fans of police procedurals: Cop Town by Karin Slaughter
Best-selling author Karin Slaughter once again grants women their rightful place at murder scenes and morgues, as two female cops smash major barriers inside Atlanta's police force in this new standalone.

For fans of classic sleuths: The Late Scholar by Jill Paton Walsh
Dorothy L. Sayers' beloved detecting team is back! This is the fourth in Walsh's take on Lord Peter Wimsey and his detective novelist wife Harriet's grand adventures. This time, they're headed to Oxford, where they first fell in love and where death now surrounds a valuable manuscript.

For fans of edge-of-your-seat adventure: The Catch by Taylor Stevens
Is there a more kick-butt heroine than Vanessa Michael Munroe? Maybe, but she's certainly at the top of the list. With Somali pirates and a plot that never lets up, Munroe's trip to Djibouti is all adrenaline, all the time.

For fans of getting creeped out: The Fever by Megan Abbott or Don't Talk to Strangers by Amanda Kyle Williams
For the chills of mass hysteria and contagion fears, check out The Fever. For that feeling that somebody's watching you, go with Don't Talk to Strangers. Either way, you'll love getting the heebie-jeebies.

For fans of historical espionage: Midnight in Europe by Alan Furst
World War II hangs like a thick cloud over the members of a clandestine agency standing against fascism and communism. High tension in the late-1930s world stage is familiar territory for celebrated author Furst, but it's romantic and suspenseful, proving why he's the master.

For fans of supernatural thrillers: The String Diaries by Stephen Lloyd Jones
This is a villain unlike any we've seen: a monster that can take the appearance of anyone he wants. And he uses this trickery to pursue generations of women in Hannah's family. Her only chance at stopping this ancient evil lies within a set of weathered diaries. This is a sweeping, engrossing thriller that really knows how to tap into a little paranoia.

For fans of domestic thrillers:  I Love You More by Jennifer Murphy
Beware a woman scorned, and definitely beware three women scorned. Oliver Lane secretly kept three wives, so when he turns up dead, it's easy to decide he got his comeuppance—right? The story unfolds through the perspectives of a detective, Oliver's daughter Picasso and the chorus of angry wives. Truly twisted.

For fans of cozy capers: Small Plates by Katherine Hall Page
Mystery lovers looking for some lighter fare while find Page's collection of cozy short stories to be ideal quick bite. Plus, there's a culinary thread strung through each of these witty, fun capers, which means some mouthwatering recipes!

For fans of Southern noir: Natchez Burning by Greg Iles
Iles makes his comeback with this standout thriller, the first installment of his incendiary new trilogy featuring former prosecutor turned Natchez Mayor Penn Cage. Cage’s physician father is accused of murdering an African-‚ÄčAmerican nurse. Cage’s search for the truth leads him into a dark chapter in Natchez history involving a murderous offshoot of the Ku Klux Klan.

For fans of psychological thrillers: Chance by Kem Nunn
The unexpected twists continue to the very last page in Nunn's newest thriller about a neuropsychiatrist and his beautiful, damaged patient, a woman with secrets powerful enough to destroy both their lives.

For fans of gritty action: Saints of New York by R.J. Ellory
This is a truly dark tale, jumping back and forth between a present-day investigation and cop Frank recounting the tale of his father's involvement in the combating the Mafia in the ’80s. Fascinating mob history, a gripping storyline and some unflinching scenes for eager readers.

How are you celebrating Private Eye July? Plan to check any of these out? Stay tuned for more recommendations throughout the month of July.

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