British author Stephen Lloyd Jones is making waves with his debut novel, The String Diaries.

Our reviewer, Elizabeth Davis, hails Jones for his winning combination of "a refreshing villain and a thrilling narrative laced with the Gothic: a woman being chased by a tyrannical male of supernatural ability in uninhabited places." 

Amidst a literary landscape filled to the brim with zombies, vampires and werewolves, Jones offers an incredibly haunting new menace inspired by Hungarian folklore: The hosszú életek, or "long lived" ones, can take on the appearance and mannerisms of any person at any time.

When Hannah Wilde discovers that the women in her family have been plagued by a particularly twisted hosszú életek named Jakab with an intense romantic obsession, she must rely on her ancestor's string-bound diaries for guidance and survival.

When Jakab takes on the appearances of those she loves most, will Hannah be able to make the right decision? And if it comes down to it, will she be able to run?

Watch the trailer below and prepare your nerves for this engrossing read: 

What do you think? Interested in picking up a copy?

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