• America's new Poet Laureate is Charles Wright. He's not only talented, he's capable of telling a joke in poem form. From "Ancient of Days," in his collection entitled Caribou:

    This is an old man’s poetry, written by someone who’s spent his life
    Looking for one truth.
    Sorry, pal, there isn’t one.
  • I don't know about "literally" changing my life, but these bookstores are absolutely beautiful. 
  • Did you know there's a pun championship? More like chamPUNship, am I right? (I'm so sorry.)  
  • ​​​​Which Pride and Prejudice edition is your favorite? I'll take a copy of the second one, thank you. 
  • The art of the gag cartoon. Take a few pointers from the cartoon masters at the New Yorker on crafting the perfect wordless cartoon—it's a lot harder than it looks. 

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