Tom Rob Smith is back with a new novel of "deep, dark family secrets, long-buried crimes and shocking revelations" in The Farm. Daniel's parents decide to sell their London home and relocate to a remote farm in Sweden for a leisurely, peaceful life.

Yet this ideal is quickly shattered when Daniel's mother suffers a mental collapse shortly after: She's delusional, and she's imagining truly horrific things. But soon Daniel's mother offers a different view, and she pins the blame on his father, whom she insists is part of a violent conspiracy.

Daniel takes on the task of investigating the farm himself, and Smith's thrilling, genre-defying page-turner brilliantly unfolds.

Smith's internationally acclaimed thriller, Child 44, has already been adapted for the big screen starring big-name actors Tom Hardy, Noomi Rapace and Gary Oldman, and we're betting on Smith becoming a household name in no time.

Watch the hypnotising and haunting trailer from Simon & Schuster UK below:

What do you think, readers? Has The Farm made it onto your list of Summer reads?

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