• 271 new emojis have been released, and my dream of writing an emoji novel with a hot dog as the main character has been thwarted once again.  
  • ​​​​Can you name the mystery novel just by its cover? If you miss number 5, we need to talk.   
  • Jack Kerouac's lost restaurant reviews have been recovered! Well, he probably would have written these. I think his review of McDonald's is spot on, don't you?  
  • I will never grow tired of strange facts about the bizarre language of English. Porpoise literally means "pork-fish." I just thought you should know that.  
  • Raise your hand if you miss library cards. (My hand is raised.) To help ease the pain of their demise, take a look at these library card inspired products
  • ​​​​Check out these intriquing pieces of literary graffiti. How would you like to have Samuel Beckett staring at you when you left your house? It would probably be a pretty confusing day. 

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