Yesterday marked the 45th anniversary of the moon landing. Almost half a century after this remarkable event, it's easy to forget that shooting humans 238,900 miles away from Earth and having them walk around on the moon is one of the most amazing feats humanity has ever accomplished.  

We were lucky enough to interview Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin about his memoir Magnificent Desolation in 2009. In the memoir, Aldrin discusses the reality of coming back to Earth and the adjustments he was forced to make. Aldrin doesn't shy away from the difficulties he faced upon his return, and his memoir is an intimate portrait of the life of a hero. 

The authorized biography of Neil Armstrong, First Man by James R. Hansen, follows the guarded life of Aldrin's fellow moon-walking shipmate. The detailed, extensive biography is a fascinating  examination of the life of one of America's legends.

Reading about these men makes you marvel not only at the moon-landing, but all the things humanity has accomplished since. 

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