It's not too late to reach for a mystery or high-stakes thriller in honor of Private Eye July!

If you're still looking for the right book, then this unnerving mystery with maximum stranger danger is a perfect choice.

In Amanda Kyle Williams' newest Keye Street mystery, Don't Talk to Strangers, the Atlanta private eye finds herself taking on a case outside of her comfort zone in the deep woods of Whisper, Georgia.

A killer abducts and keeps young girls captive for months, or even years before taking their bodies to the same location, and Street is determined to track the culprit before he can strike again. Trouble is, the locals are putting up a lot of resistance to her cause. Is everyone in town a potential enemy or suspect? Can Street find the culprit on her own without becoming a target herself?

Watch the extra-creepy trailer below:

What do you think, readers?

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