It's Friday, so there's no better time to share stories from the lively party scene at the Romance Writer's of America convention last weekend! Each year, romance publishers host parties for RWA attendees, and let's just say romance authors know how to get down with their bad selves. 

At the Kensington party, we heard the best romance story at the convention—and it was true! A couple we were chatting with had met on Honeymoon Island, where the woman was a ticket-girl at the state park and the man was a hotdog vendor on the beach. He sent notes to her through her coworkers daily until finally, she agreed to go on a date with him. And the rest is history! Trisha also met the love of her life: Sticky Toffee Pudding. [Actually, this was not a first meeting but the continuation of a long and storied relationship. —Ed.]

Next, we met author Sidney Bristol at the Ballantine party, who, as a rodeo clown turned erotic romance author, perhaps had the most interesting career path of any writer we met at RWA! This party also featured the best guacamole I have ever eaten.

Forever's cocktail party in the Tower of the Americas put us high above the beautiful city of San Antonio with some fabulous views. There was also a choose-your-own pasta bar and Forever's signature drink: the divine peach and strawberry infused Angel's Kiss. 

The Best Guacamole: Part II was featured at the Berkley party, along with a prickly pear margarita and more shrimp than I knew what to do with. (I'm lying; I knew exactly what to do with it.) 

But the true star of the RWA party scene was this Shrimp Tree spotted at the Avon cocktail party. You've never really seen anything until you've seen a waiter carrying around a large bamboo stick with coconut shrimp branching off of it. It was elusive, for the shrimp was almost immediately snatched off, but we were able to get a picture of a slightly de-limbed Shrimp Tree.

The tables were scattered with miniature fans and paper flower pins and hairclips crafted out of the pages of romance novels. They also had a green screen set up, where Trisha and I were able to pose for this portrait: 


The Harlequin party is the final publisher party of RWA, and with a giant dance floor and a lively DJ spinning the smooth tunes of 2004 Usher, it's hard to resist busting some moves. The other difficult thing to resist was the dessert bar of brownies and s'mores. (I resisted neither.) 


Truly, the romance world knows how to have fun. From great food to fancy cocktails, a good time was had by all. 


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