Calling all Trekkies and literature nerds! Robb Perlman has written a quirky and hilarious parody just for you. Fun with Kirk and Spock (Cider Mill Press) puts a sci-fi spin on the classic Dick and Jane series of children's books popularized in the 1950s with characters and plot points from your favorite episodes of "Star Trek: The Original Series."

Perlman riffs on the notorious fate of Redshirts—"See the crewman. / What's the crewman's name? / It does not matter . . . . He is wearing a red shirt"—Captain Kirk's, ahem, fondness for pretty ladies, Uhura's trouble with Tribbles and the extreme grumpiness of popular villain Khan. Even the Gorn gets a shout-out for his fabulous frock!

Check out the excerpt below for a peek inside:

Absolutely packed with punchlines and playful illustrations by Gary Shipman, this book is sure to pop up on more than a few Christmas wish lists this year. Fun with Kirk and Spock is on shelves now! How about it, readers?

Illustrations by Gary Shipman, courtesy of Cider Mill Press.

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