As summer begins winding down, it's about time to kick off the new school year.

When Kim Bearden began her teaching career, she never expected so many of her school day's teaching moments to come from her own students.

Bearden delves into her 27 years of experience in the education field and tells the story of her founding of the Ron Clark Academy (an innovative middle school in Atlanta with a world-renowned reputation) in her uplifting new memoir, Crash Course: The Life Lessons My Students Taught Me.

Crash Course is filled with anecdotes about the importance of bringing creativity into the classroom, advice for tackling problems from a place of honesty and embracing and celebrating her students' cultural differences—all relayed in Bearden's down-to-earth voice.

While aimed at fellow teachers, Bearden's memoir is a beautiful read with insights for anyone working with youth or the public at large.

See Bearden and some of her real students discuss Crash Course in the trailer below:

What do you think, readers? Any teachers out there looking for a back to school read?

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