Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House on the Prairie inspired countless children to dream of hopping on a wagon train or churning some butter. But as it turns out, frontier life wasn't quite so idyllic for Wilder.

Her memoir, Pioneer Girl, which she wrote in the mid-1920s, will be released in the fall, and it casts her life on the Midwest plains in a bleaker light. Touching upon domestic abuse, an ill-fated love triangle and the overarching reality of living in an isolated territory with few provisions, Pioneer Girl was actually Wilder's first manuscript, and it's definitely for adults. But when no one would publish the gritty autobiography, Wilder transformed it into the children's series we know today. 

Published with annotations by South Dakota State Historical Society Press, Pioneer Girl is sure to be an illuminating look into the life of one of America's most beloved children's authors.

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