tsspivetOne of the featured books in the next issue of BookPage is Reif Larsen's amazing, inventive, illustrated debut novel, The Selected Works of T.S. Spivet. Crammed with sidebars, footnotes, maps, detailed diagrams, signs, songs and genealogical charts, T.S. Spivet is an explosion of creativity, a book so bizarre that it might hold your attention even without the complex coming-of-age story at its center. Twelve-year-old T.S. is a map-making prodigy who gets the call of a lifetime at his family's Montana ranch: he's been selected by the Smithsonian to receive its "prestigious Baird Award for the popular advancement of science." T.S. sets out alone for Washington, D.C. to pick up his prize, and the chronicle of his journey—real and metaphorical—is a tale to savor.

In our first ever Book Case giveaway, we have two hardcover copies of The Selected Works of T.S. Spivet for our adventurous readers. To enter, leave a comment (by April 24) that includes the title of your favorite coming-of-age novel.

UPDATE: This contest has ended (congrats to winners Tina and Diane!) but feel free to join the discussion by telling us about your coming-of-age favorite.

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