One of the best parts of my day is going through the mail here at BookPage. catherThat might sound strange, but it gives me a chance to get up from my desk, clear my head and see what goodies the mailman has brought for us. I love paging through copies of recently published books and eyeing the galleys I’ve been eagerly anticipating; I don’t love it when mailers made from recycled material explode all over me (usually when I’m wearing black), but I’m proud to say I’ve gone several days without a mail mishap.

The most exciting thing that landed in our mail on this cloudy Wednesday was a package from HarperPerennial introducing their new HarperPerennial ClassicStories line. HarperPerennial is publishing collections of short stories from greats like Leo Tolstoy, Willa Cather, Oscar Wilde, wildeFyodor Dostoyevsky, Herman Melville and Stephen Crane this month, and they were nice enough to send along a set for us. The compact paperback editions are beautifully designed and reasonably priced at just $10 a pop.

Whether you are a classics fanatic or just a collector of important works, be sure to check out these new paperbacks from HarperPerennial. And as for me, well, as the saying goes: finder's keepers!

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