Tomorrow, BookPageXTRA subscribers will get a look at what's coming up in the next issue of BookPage (are you one of them?). Until then, we're serving up a few tantalizing quotes from some June BookPage reviews to you Book Case readers. Leave a comment by Tuesday, May 19, saying which book you most want to read, and why, for a chance to win all four novels.* Ready, set, read! [We have a winner! Congrats to April Hawkins.]


"Satisfying on so many levels, See's latest is above all a confirmation of unbreakable family bonds, as two Shanghai girls survive seemingly insurmountable setbacks, both at home and abroad." —Deborah Donovan

"The City & the City is a murder mystery, old-fashioned in its way, narrated by a tough-talking police investigator and layered with all the shadow and menace of a film noir. . . . a tightly plotted, thoroughly engaging read, at turns beguiling and revelatory." —Jedediah Berry

"Pelecanos has once again crafted a genre-transcending novel of rage and redemption guaranteed to appeal to a broad-spectrum audience." —Bruce Tierney

"By the time we meet Molly Divine Marx in the opening pages of The Late, Lamented Molly Marx, she is dead. But that by no means detracts from the many charms of Sally Koslow's wonderful new novel." —Amy Scribner

* Since we're sending out four hardcovers, this contest is limited to North American residents. But readers around the world are still welcome to comment!

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