The BookPage staffers are no strangers to book signings at our local Davis Kidd. But last night, things were a little different at the Green Hills area bookstore. Lauren Conrad, reality television starlet (known for “Laguna Beach” and “The Hills”), was in town signing copies of her young adult novel, L.A. Candy – and Nashville fans sure took notice. Over 350 people turned out for the signing, and when Trisha and I arrived at 5:15 (for a 6pm signing) we were relegated to the farthest corner of the bookstore (and at the end of the dreaded ‘standby’ line).

Luckily we found some interesting books to pass the time.

for dummies

And we certainly enjoyed the people-watching.

crazy crowd

At long last, the woman of the hour arrived, and was met by shrieks of joy from her many eager fans.

The signing line actually moved pretty quickly (“No personalizations, no posed photos, Ms. Conrad will only sign copies of her book”) and at the end of the night, we were two happy campers, with freshly signed copies of L.A. Candy.

Trisha gets the “Good Sport of the Night” award, since she was probably the only person at the signing who hasn’t ever seen a complete episode of “The Hills.” And Abby, well, she’s thankful she has coworkers happy to indulge her guilty pleasures (including, but not limited to: reality television, celebrity magazines and so-bad-they’re-good romantic comedies).

Have you ever been to a crazy celebrity book signing? Leave us your stories here!

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