Trivia question: what was the very first pick for Oprah’s Book Club?  Answer: Jacquelyn Mitchard’s Deep End of the Ocean, a critically acclaimed tale of catastrophe: losing—and finding, nine years later—a child.  In the intervening years, the book was made into a film (starring Michelle Pfeiffer and Treat Williams) and Mitchard wrote several bestsellers for adults, young adults, and children.

Fans will be thrilled to learn that Mitchard has finally written a sequel to Deep End of the Ocean.  No Time to Wave Goodbye is due to hit bookstores and libraries on September 15.   For a sneak peek, here is a quote from the publicity material:

“Now, 13 years later, Mitchard returns to the Cappadora family...Vincent, the oldest Cappadora son, has become a filmmaker. With the help of his brother Ben and sister Kerry, Vincent makes a documentary film about the lifelong trauma of child abduction and receives an Academy Award nomination for his work.  On the night of the award ceremony, the Cappadora’s world turns upside once again as their courage, loyalty and faith are tested as never before.”

While away the wait until the release date by checking the archives at BookPage.com for reviews of Jacquelyn Mitchard’s other books and a 2006 interview.

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