As one half of "The Whisky Couple," Hans Offringa conducts whisky nosing and tasting sessions throughout Europe and the USA. Offringa has just published Whisky & Jazz, a coffee-table book that combines two of his great loves. Read more about his inspiration for this book, volume two in a four-part series that combines whisky and the four senses.

Whisky & the Senses
guest blog by Hans Offringa

At the age of 18 I graduated from high school and, as a celebration ritual, was offered my first glass of Scotch whisky by a good friend. I instantly fell for the drink, and my natural curiosity made me go on a quest. It would turn out to be a lifelong quest. As a professional writer with more than 30 years of writing articles, books and manuals under my belt, I have been doing some serious traveling, mostly for research, from Scotland to Kentucky, from Hong Kong to San Francisco, from St. Petersburg, Russia, to the Sinai desert in Africa. My favorite country, however, is Scotland.

When I first visited that wonderful place some 20 years ago, the main purpose was to meet a series of distillers for interviews and photography. I fell in love with the countryside, with the people and with nature as a whole. Over the years I have traveled countless times to this part of the world and accumulated a wealth of knowledge and perhaps a bit of wisdom on the side thanks to the many people who were willing to help me: distillers, marketeers and fellow writers. In 1999, I published my first work about whisky with a Scottish business partner. It proved to be the start of a whole series of books and articles about the craitur. Three years ago I developed the idea to write four different coffee table style books about whisky and the senses. After all, we appreciate a good dram of whisky with our ears, our eyes, our nose and our palate. We hear a gurgling sound when we pour the whisky, we watch the colour, we smell the aromas and when we taste a sip, we feel a prickling sensation. Five senses cooperate closely to give us an impression of what we savour.

In 2007, part one, A Taste of Whisky, was published. In the book I describe how flavors and aromas come into being and how you can learn to discern them yourself. To top it off I asked four chefs from four different countries to create a 10-course menu with 10 single malt whiskies I selected specially for them. They all took an entirely different approach, as I had hoped for. On May 29 this year, part two was launched: Whisky & Jazz. In the first chapter, I compare the history of jazz with the history of whisky and identify areas of resemblance. In the second chapter, I describe the life stories of 10 jazz musicians followed by a chapter about 10 fine distilleries. The last chapter is a sipping and tasting guide, where I blend a particular song with a particular whisky, enhancing both the enjoyment of listening to music and the tasting superb whiskies. For each blend I wrote a blue note and a tasting note. Here you can find a link to the 10 pieces of music and listen to them while savouring your dram. Part three (looking) and four (feeling) of Whisky & the Senses are scheduled for publishing in 2010 and 2011. All four books can be read independently.

Slainte Mhath,
Hans Offringa

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