Fans of Nick Hornby’s High Fidelity have something to sing about: Juliet, Naked, his new novel (on sale September 29th) will take readers back into familiar territory: the music world.

According to USA Today, “[The novel] features a reclusive, Dylan-like, English singer/songwriter who gets involved, via e-mail, with a woman in rural Pennsylvania." As for his novel’s title, Hornby says it has nothing to do with nudity: “It’s comes from the title of the new, acoustic version of 'Juliet,' the greatest album by his fictional musician, who’s hoping to stage a comeback.”

Following a collection of essays, Housekeeping vs. The Dirt, a novel for young adults, Slam, and a collection of columns, Shakespeare Wrote for Money, this is Hornby’s first novel since 2005’s A Long Way Down. Music lovers and Hornby readers, rejoice.

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