Summer isn't over yet; there's plenty of time left for a fantastic trip to foreign lands and faraway places. If you're planning one and you'd like to meet and greet the locals in their own lingo, you can learn just enough to earn broad smiles, approving compliments and even order a beer.

To this noble end, the fine folks who have made the Pimsleur Method available on audio for many years, now offer goPimsleur. This fast, friendly series, which is officially released today, lets you get your head and your tongue around a foreign language in just four hours—with one 30-minute lesson per day. Half an hour, while you're driving, working out, cooking or taking a break, is doable, fun and instantly rewarding. You can hear yourself improve with every lesson, from saying "danke schoen," or "merci" to asking a new friend to share a meal.

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You won't be discussing Sartre or Cervantes in their native tongues, but with goPimsleur you'll have a base and a beginning whether you're headed for Madrid, Moscow or Marseilles, Rio, Rome or the Rhineland.

Sukey Howard

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