time_travelerOver the weekend, I went to see The Time Traveler's Wife with my book club. As someone who liked Niffenegger's novel but wasn't enthralled with it, I expected to the enjoy film version—especially since it starred one of my favorite actresses. Unfortunately even Rachel McAdams couldn't save the clunky script. (The guys from "Mystery Science Theater 3000" would have had a ball with this one.) There's a lot going on--jumping through time, marriage, miscarriage, childbirth--but the film never pauses to take a breath and allow the characters to contemplate the questions that loving someone who travels through time (or being the person who travels through time) raises. The few and far-between scenes that do explore Henry and Clare's feelings about their strange lives feel heavy-handed, forced and out of place, especially when supported by the cheesy score.

It didn't help that the darker edges of Niffenegger's novel, like Henry's alcoholism and the real dangers he faces during time-travel, Gomez's politics and Clare's family issues, are all absent. This, I presume, was so that a good 30 minutes of the film could be used to establish that time-travel 1.) is real and 2.) freaks people out, as Henry spends them explaining his impairment to one character after the other in gravelly tones ("I'm a time-traveler") and then deals with their disbelief by slowly dissolving into a puddle of clothing.

My book club also pointed out that while the book tries to be more evenhanded and tell Clare's story as well (it is called The Time Traveler's Wife after all) the film is most definitely all about the time-traveler. Also, Gomez is supposed to be blond.

Have you seen the film? How did you think it compared to the novel?

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