In a long article, the Wall Street Journal investigates the "new" trend of Amish fiction, and the surprising popularity of romances that aren't bodice-rippers:

Publishers attribute the books' popularity to their pastoral settings and forbidden love scenarios à la Romeo and Juliet. Lately, the genre has expanded to include Amish thrillers and murder mysteries. Most of the authors are women.

nawordThis is not news to any avid reader, or any BookPage reader—we wrote a piece exactly one year ago investigating the popularity of Amish-themed fiction (and even forecasting that mystery trend). And in our September issue, romance columnist Christie Ridgway finds Kathleen Fuller's latest Amish romance a "gentle and touching love story."

Christian fiction is expanding its horizons all the time, and typical Christian fiction readers tend to be more conservative and nostalgic, so it's not that surprising that the genre has caught on. And as Sharon Marchese told us last year, perhaps readers "can imagine a 'loftier' romantic story for these people who still travel by buggy."

Any Amish fiction fans out there? Personally, the genre hasn't hooked me yet, despite my childhood love of the Little House books and the esoteric details of pioneer life they contained. Feel free to tell me what I'm missing.

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