That was just one of the questions the Wall Street Journal asked in an interview with the Lost Symbol author, which contains a few interesting tidbits about Brown's personal life and writing routine (apparently his day starts at 4 am—yikes!). He also talked to Parade earlier this week.

The New York Times and the LA Times broke the embargo with reviews yesterday, and novelist Louis Bayard covered the book today for the Washington Post. Slate has posted a "Dan Brown Plot Generator" that should entertain "Choose Your Own Adventure" or "Mad Libs" devotees. And John Crace live-blogged about reading the novel over at the Guardian's books page.

As for BookPage? Well, we took advantage of the Kindle's wireless network to get a copy of the book to reviewer Ed Morris the moment it was released (Seattle time, unfortunately). He's reading right now, and tells me that so far the book has the "same high-intensity beginning, same minute-by-minute unfolding" as The DaVinci Code. He should know: Ed interviewed Dan Brown about The Da Vinci Code before the book went on sale back in 2003. Check it out here.

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