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Earlier this week, Penguin Group USA announced that it will continue programming on its online multimedia network, From the Publisher’s Office. This will be the second season of the network, which includes three channels: “The Screening Room,” “The Radio Room” and “The Reading Room.” From the Publisher’s Office went live on June 16 and received 100,000 page views in its first three months.

There’s a lot of coverage on the Network, and it can be a bit confusing to figure out what’s what.

There are three channels (Screening, Radio, Reading) + nine series. The series are  niche specific. Here’s the breakdown:

The Screening Room has four series: Project Paranormal, Penguin Storytime with Liz Shanks, YA Central and Tarcher Talks (all the other series are pretty self-explanatory; this last one “tackles the challenging and the unusual, the spiritual and the enlightening”).

The Radio Room also has four series: Penguin Classics On Air, The Business Beat, Audio Book Break and A Cup of Poetry.

The Reading Room appears to be its own series and features a different Penguin Group (USA) book each month, posting a new chapter each week for three weeks, culminating, in the fourth week, with live interactive online author chats.”

There is also a variety of special programming (such as a video recommending The Ten Essential Penguin Classics).

Have any readers ever visited this site? Do you think it's a good idea -- do you like to supplement your reading with multimedia? Which of the features do you like the best?

At BookPage we're watching Nick Hornby on The Radio Room. He's discussing Juliet, Naked -- reviewed here in our October issue.

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